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Acutonix Health Solutions Offers Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tampa

Chinese Medicine represents a combination of ideas and methods coupled with the findings from modern research methods.

Friedman Wellness Center

Friedman Wellness Center

The term “TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE” refers to eight traditional health practices which include Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition, Geomancy, Astrology, Tuina (Chinese massage) and especially Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. These eight traditional health practices and their theoretical basis developed in China over a period of about 2,500 years. Theories from nature for health and disease was set forth in the concepts of two essential forces called yin and yang. In addition three essences, five elements, six climactic influences, seven emotional factors, eight principles of treatment, fourteen meridians were developed to enhance health. These concepts continued to evolve over the centuries until the collision of Chinese and Western Culture in the nineteenth century. Today, Chinese Medicine represents a combination of ideas and methods from earlier times coupled with the findings from modern research methods—chemical analysis, pharmacological testing in the laboratory, and clinical trials. Chinese Medicine is a major health care method in the Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Its apparent success there has led it to be adopted, in much smaller measure thus far in the United States, Canada and Europe.

What can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine do for you?

At the very least, it can make you feel more energetic, yet more relaxed, and can alleviate some disease symptoms; at its best, Chinese Medicine can help you cure conditions that have been called incurable; in other cases it can have as good an effect as Western care without the side effects. The benefits of Chinese Medicine will depend on several factors, including the nature of the problems being addressed, the competence of the practitioner, and the willingness of the individual to follow through with various aspects of the proposed treatment.

For which conditions does Acupuncture work best?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has a wide application, but its use is best summarized as treating conditions of discomfort that reduces quality of life. These would include pain and muscle spasm, digestive distress, difficult breathing, and emotional stress. It is not uncommon for a high degree of relief to be achieved immediately upon treatment. The persistence of relief is variable. In some cases, one or a few treatments can alleviate a problem that has been nagging for many months; in other cases, the relief may last only a day, though the results may persist after repeated treatments. It is difficult to know the response on an individual until it is tried.

What Is Herbal Therapy?

Herbal therapy is the use of natural substances, mostly plants from the earth, that may be used in a recipe preparation to help your body heal. They are cures from nature. Primitive man discovered herbs by watching animals graze on plants when they weren’t feeling well. In addition herbs were discovered by trial and error. They learned which plants helped and which plants harmed. Eventually, primitive people found plants that helped them sleep, plants that helped them stay awake, plants that cured stomach aches, and plants that soothed sunburned skin.

Herbal therapy not only offers relief for conditions but also offers benefits for people, in good health. Well formulated herbal therapy offers the opportunity for staying healthy and increasing quality of life.

For Which Conditions does herbal therapy work best?

In general, herb therapy are best for functional disorders, hormonal imbalances, and “organic problems” (changes in tissue structure). For example, herb therapy can be applied to weak digestive power, estrogen deficiency conditions, and cysts and swellings. The effects of herbs are usually (but not always) seen after several days of regular use, rather than immediately, but once the effect are established they often persist for a long time. The combined use of acupuncture (and/or the other traditional health practices) plus herbs ( and perhaps other internal remedies) usually provides the most dramatic results.

Can Western and Chinese Medicine be combined?

Not only can the two systems be combined they can enhance each others effects. Chinese herbs may make it possible to take a lower dosage of modern medicine, to reduce their side effects, and obtain a better overall effect. Modern drugs may provide emergency relief for serious conditions that will allow long-term application of Chinese herbs the rest of the time. It is advised that modern drugs be taken at a different time (eg: 1-2 hours apart) from herb combination’s in order to avoid any chances of interactions within the digestive system, and that monitoring of the effect of drugs be continued, and perhaps increased, while the herb therapy is being administered. Acupuncture is compatible with virtually all modern medical techniques.

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